Amandine EUDES Visites guidées sur les plages du débarquement Pointe du Hoc

D-Day Landing Beaches

In 1944, the Normandy Coast was the stage for dramatic dark events. The allied toops of the United States of America, England, Canada, and other Commonwealth countries landed there on June 6th to liberate Europe from the Nazi throttlehold. These places still bear visible traces of their passage.

I will guide you in their footsteps as we visit these historic sites which range from battlefields and German defences to the memorials where soldiers rest.


Mont Saint Michel

les visites incontournables en Normandie Mont-Saint-Michel

Pays d’Auge

les visites incontournables en Normandie pays d'auge - Pan de bois et pommiers
Les Etonnants patrimoines, visites interactives en famille Calvados - enquête criminelle à l'abbatiale de Saint Pierre sur Dives Enquête-criminelle.déduction

Multisensorial and Interactive Visits in Normandy

An Astonishing Past – IN FRENCH ONLY 

A multisensory visit is primarily an adventure composed of investigation, experimentation and discovery.

These fun  interactive visits stimulate every sense: visual, musical, verbal, spatial, logical, naturalist, and more.

They are open to all, whether you are traveling alone, with a family, or in a group.

Hiking in Normandy

Qualified both as a Guide-Lecturer and a trail leader, I suggest that we take the time to ramble Normandy’s paths and trails to discover its rich and varied landscapes.

Together we will traverse valleys of apple trees or through marshlands, along rivers towards their estuaries, where we will explore the coast.

While hiking, we’ll have much to see and discuss 

Amandine EUDES - guide randonnées en Normandie
Amandine EUDES-guide Normandie

Your Guide in Normandy

I am a licenced Guide Lecturer and a certifed hiking trail leader, and have a tourist passenger car chauffeur licence.

After six years of working with diverse audiences, such as providing educational services to school groups, guiding individual visitors, lecturing French groups at the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel, not to mention acting as guide-chauffeur for foreigners, I decided to create my own business in tune with my values and experience.

Enthusiastic, generous, and patient, I will do everything possible to make your visits so enjoyable you will always remember them with pleasure.

My sketchnote below illustrates how I see my profession as a guide-lecturer. You can see which audiences I address, as well as the tools which will be used as we explore Normandy while having fun interactive visits accessible to everyone.
See you soon,
                      Your Tourist Guide in Normandy


Normandy is very rich in historic deeds and sites, as well as in varied landscapes and gastronomy. Indeed, despite the destruction caused by allied bombing in summer 1944, numerous Medieval churches, abbeys, grand houses, manors, and castles have survived. Normandy was chosen for the largest amphibian military operation known. Soldiers from allied countries landed on the Manche and Calvados coasts to liberate Europe from Nazism. The battle that lasted 100 days will leave its mark on the territory and its inhabitants for 100 years and more. Although Normandy is thus known for its landing beaches, it is also composed of verdant meadows, plains, hedgerows, hills, and woodlands. Its landscape can rapidly change from one curve to the next. We draw the ingredients necessary for good cuisine from this abundant Nature. The shores provide us with oysters, mussels, and other shellfish. Pastures nourish dairy cattle which give us rich milk for cream, butter, and many types of cheese. On the plains, we cultivate grains, and between the hedgerows are flourishing apple and pear trees from which we make our famous beverages. Norman cuisine is thus generous, gentle and creamy ; sweet and sour for any kind of convivial moment.  

There is something for everyone.
You can plunge into the Middle Ages and follow William the Conqueror’s saga from Falaise Castle where he was born, to Caen which he made the capital of his Duchy, and Bayeux whose tapestry narrates his conquest of England in 1066.

Don’t miss Honfleur with its port and 15th century Saint Catherine Church built of wood. The city of Rouen is worth the detour for its half-timbered houses, the square where Joan of Arc was burned, and its Cathedral which was painted in series by Claude Monet. You will never forget the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel.

If you like the countryside, landscapes, cuisine and popular traditions, you will love the Pays d’Auge. Its verdant hills, orchards, half-timbered manors, and farms producing famous types of cheese and beverages made from apples : juice, cider, pommeau, and Calvados have made it famous.

You may like to take the time to admire landscape and cultural heritage by rambling along Norman trails.

To pay homage to soldiers, you may follow the accounts of the events which took place at one of the five landing beaches : Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword.

Since humans are endowed with multiple types of intelligence, it is really a shame to only use one or two.

A multi-sensorial visit therefore calls on several types of intelligence through experiments and activities to interest a broader audience.

According to Howard Gardner, the multiple types of intelligence are : logic, verbal, musical, corporal, visual, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist.

A guided visit is a moment of sharing. As an enthusiastic guide, I am lead my audience in the discovery of a site or place, and at the same time, share my knowledge.

The guided visit is above all a life experience, a relationship between the guide and her audience, therefore I adapt my discourse and my manner to my audience and its expectations.

A visit is intended for the curious: men, women, and children who wish to discover and learn, be enthralled, or enjoy a sociable moment.

I adapt my visits to the people who follow them, to their interests, and their expectations. Whether they are children or adults, with or without cognitive difficulties, what I enjoy most is being able to give and transmit.

Let yourself be guided, benefit from expert counsel, miss nothing, and most of all, to share a social moment on your own, with family, friends or in a group.