Hiking or walking tours in Normandy

Let’s take the time on foot to explore Normandy’s trails and byways with their rich and varied landscapes : hills and valleys endowed with apple orchards; grain-covered plains; marshlands; estuaries; coastlines; and more.
During our excursion, we’ll have much to see and discuss, not to mention stories to be told.

I am trained and certified in safety and as a local trail leader in Normandy by the French Hiking Federation.

Some of the walks I like to give are indicated on the map. Sturdy shoes required.

Walking tour along the Flowery Coast and the villas of Cabourg 

A semi-urban walking tour of villas in the center of town to the seaside and along the Marcel Proust Promenade. 

Easy itinerary

Length  : 2h

La Normandie d'Amandine Pays d'Auge randonnées en Normandie Villas à Cabourg

Marshlands from the Dives do Robehomme

During this walk, we will discover a rich variety of marshland wildlife and vegetation. If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to watch storks. Pull out your binoculars and put on your hiking shoes ! 

Easy itinerary

Length : 3h30

Walking Tour at Douville en Auge

This trail features magnificent viewpoints over Pays d’Auge landscapes, and as a treat, we will be able to stop along the way to visit farms which produce cheese and cider. A feast for your eyes and tastebuds!

Moderate slope and difficulty

Length : 2h

Randonnée Douville-en-Auge

Hike at Beuvron en Auge

This hike starts in Beuvron en Auge, one of the most beautiful villages in France. Of course, we will make the rounds of its half-timbered houses before climbing to the Clermont Chapel where you will have a spectacular view.

Moderate slope and difficulty

Length : 1h45 

Walking Tour along Sallenelles Bay

This trail runs along the Estuary of the Orne which is an ornithological reserve and a resting point for migrating birds. Visiting the Estuary Nature House will help you recognize them.Pull out your binoculars and put on your hiking shoes!

Easy Walk

Length : 3h

La Normandie d'Amandine guide randonneurs en Normandie-baie-Sallenelles
La Normandie d'Amandine guide Randonnée en Suisse Normande-Fresnay le Puceux-moulin

Walking Tour along the slopes of Fresney-le-Puceux

This trail in “Swiss Normandy” runs along the Laize. Magnificent mills and tanneries punctuate the path.
Beautiful countryside with a rich history.

Length : 2h

The Bay of Mont Saint Michel, GR 223, and more….
Feel free to contact me by email at contact@lanormandiedamandine.com or by telephone at +33 (0)6 83 05 50 15
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These walks can be adapted to all types of audiences and groups, including school children, students, and people with learning or developmental differences.

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