General Sales Conditions

Every reservation and service is subject to the present Conditions which override any clauses to the contrary formulated in whatever fashion by the Client, the Client’s group, and/or the financer of the visits. The term “Client” refers to the professional organizer or any physical person who has entered into a contract for guiding services with Amandine EUDES. “Group” refers to physical people who have engaged in a contract for travel or are traveling with the Client.

Description of services

Amandine EUDES will lead you during the selected guided visit or will establish a customized program based on your preferences for one or more day(s) during which she will accompany and guide you during selected visits in Normandy and Brittany.

Tour Rates

These rates only apply to the guide’s service (choice of commentary in French or English).

  • Two hour visit of a town, city, or site: 160€
  • Half Day, 4 hour maximum: 260€
  • Full Day, 8 hour maximum: 360€
  • Each extra hour: 45€
  • Transportation costs beyond 15 km. from the guide’s residence (Caen): 0.50€/km.


  • Guide’s meal if not included with the group’s meal: 20€ fee
  • Entrance fees for museums and sites, as well as restaurant bills for the group, are to be settled at each site directly by the client or transferred by voucher by the guide or tour leader.
  • Guide’s transportation costs, if the point of departure or return is not in Caen (see rates)
  • Guide’s accommodations for any service beyond one day outside of the Guide’s county (département) of residence. An individual room which includes a bathroom (toilet, sink, plus shower or bath) must be provided for the Guide. If the Guide’s accommodation is not covered by the Client, then the sum of 90€ per night will be due to the Guide by the Client. The evening meal will be covered by the Client. Otherwise, it will be added to the sum established by the Guide.

Confirmation of services

Services will be considered reserved when the guide or client has confirmed the visit in writing (by postal service or by email.)

  • Each confirmation must state:
  • The date of the visit or tour
  • Time and place of Meet-up with the Guide
  • Return Location
  • Length of Visit
  • Circuit of specifically named sites to be visited
  • Price of visit and mode of payment
  • Language (French or English)
  • Number of participants
  • Type of group (senior citizens, students, school children, hikers, etc.)
  • Nationality or where the group is from
  • Guide’s cell phone number
  • Person responsible for the group

Payment for services

Payment for services will be made directly to the guide before departure of the visit or sojourn by one of the following means which will be determined in advance: cash; check to the order of Amandine EUDES; bank transfer (communication of bank detail document by email); or upon receipt of an invoice after the guided visit.
The guide is not entitled to collect for services by partners.

Late Arrivals

1 Hour Leeway Maximum 

The Guide’s cell phone number is given to the agency and the tour leader beforehand.

If the clients are late and the Guide has received no news from the group after one hour, the Guide may leave the Meet-Up point.  The service will be billed and due for the full amount.

If the clients are late, the visit may be shortened accordingly with respect to the Guide’s availability. The full sum of the service will be due.

Any modification of the agreed program can only be made by the Guide or with her written agreement.

In any case, neither reimbursement nor indemnity will be given.

In the event that the due date of payment is not respected, the company, La Normandie d’Amandine, has a right to and will add a fixed overdue fee of forty (40) euros, in keeping with article D 441-5 of the French Code of Commerce. The total sum for which the debtor will be responsible will be increased, according to the law, at the overdue rate of 1.5% per month which will apply to all sums beyond the initial 40 euros, without any necessity of formal notice and without affecting the costs of pursuit and damages or interest in terms of the harm experienced.

All procedural expenses incurred in view of recuperating the unpaid sums will be exclusively at the charge of the debtor and will be estimated on a forfeit based on 10% of the remaining sum due, with a minimum of 150€.

Cancellation by the Client

  • Less than 48 hours before departure: the services will be 100% charged and due.
  • Less than 15 days before departure: The client must compensate by paying a forfeit amounting to 30% of the total services. 

Replacement in case of the Guide’s Absence

If the Guide is ill or has a last minute emergency, she will do everything possible to alert the person responsible for the group and also to be replaced by another guide for these services. Otherwise the service will not be billed to the client. 

For the Astonishing Past tours, whose conception and implementation are done only by La Normandie d’Amandine, no substitution is possible. In the case of that impossibility, the visit will be postponed to another date and the tickets will continue to be valid for those later dates.  At the end of the calendar year, if the clients were not able to participate in the visits on the other dates, their tickets will be entirely reimbursed by bank transfer. 

Tickets for The Astonishing Past

Individual reservations for the Astonishing Past Tours are made directly on the Boutique page of the internet site, Bank payments may be made via the secure payment platform, Stripe. No fees will be charged.

An email confirming payment will be automatically sent to you. No unpaid reservation will be validated.


On account of the interactive nature of the visits and the fact that they include a certain materials or equipment, the number of participants is limited. Each visit can accommodate no more than six families or constituted groups, that is, about twenty people.

In the event that the visit is overbooked, La Normandie d’Amandine will first suggest postponing your tickets to a later date for a visit. If you are not available on those dates, your tickets will be reimbursed by bank transfer. 

Inclement Weather

In the event of extremely bad weather, la Normandie d’Amandine reserves the right to cancel or postpone the visits of the Ganne Château and the Manoir de la Motte which take place outside.

Transportation and Insurance

The guide is neither entitled to drive the client’s vehicle nor her personal vehicle, but may call on a transportation company licenced to drive individual clients.
The guide has professional liability insurance.

La Normandie d’Amandine: Amandine EUDES Guide Lecturer, January 1st, 2023